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Acknowledgement of Fraternity/Sorority Initiation Form

We, the undersigned, as the chapter president, new member educator and newly initiated members of our fraternity/sorority organization, affirm that our organization has completed all new member activities and initiated all new members into full, active membership status in accordance with national and University policies and on or before the last day of class, unless otherwise approved by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life & Community Involvement. Your process should not be longer than eight weeks.

As the student leadership, we understand that by signing below we are bound by the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance II.C.g.3., “Deliberately furnishing false or misleading information to University personnel acting in the exercise of their official duties”, which will result in referral to the Undergraduate Honor Court.

Please put in your first and last name.
Please list each new member in alphabetical order (by last name). We will need the list in the following order: First Name Last Name UNC Email PID