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Excellence in Action

What is the Excellence in Action initiative?
Excellence in Action fosters student learning and success at and after Carolina. The initiative engages students to develop and demonstrate critical skills for the 21st century by providing the tools and support to identify opportunities and reflect on experiences.

Goals of Excellence in Action:

  1. To facilitate intentional student engagement across the University to supportthe development of Dynamic Learning, Honor, Personal Responsibility, and Community Engagement.
  2. To engage students in the process of building a co-curricular transcript to organize, contextualize, and make meaning of diverse learning experiences.
  3. To help students integrate knowledge and skills in the fulfillment of responsibilities and the realization of current and future endeavors.
  4. To partner with students as leaders to translate programmatic engagement into a demonstration of competency development in their personal and professional lives.

Benefits of Excellence in Action for students:

  • Increased awareness of and access to the many co-curricular opportunities on campus
  • Increased self-awareness, which promotes lifelong learning and the ability to maximize potential
  • Higher degrees of congruence between thought, belief, and action
  • An overall & deeper understanding of the University and themselves
  • A framework for tracking experiences through a co-curricular transcript, with opportunities for reflection
  • The means to communicate (to future employers, graduate and professional schools, etc.) what has been gained from curricular and co-curricular participation at Carolina