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GAC and NPHC Intake Application

If your organization is interested in taking members this semester, you must fill out the GAC and NPHC Intake Application. This application must be completed 10 business days before you start your Informational(s)/Rush Week. You will not be allowed to advertise your events prior to approval from OFSL-CI. Be sure to read the Recruitment/Intake policy before you submit your application. You will need to have the following ready for the application: 

Once you have submitted your application, OFSL will review it and either approve it, approve with revisions of your application or deny your application.

The chapter must educate the new members on the anti-hazing policy and complete this form within 48 hours of the candidates accepting to be apart of your intake process. Candidates will need to meet with OFSL around the 3rd to 5th week of their process. OFSL-CI will send out the grade release form to your new members. Once their intake is complete, your chapter will need to complete the  Acknowledgement of Initiation form.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Please put your first name, last name and position within your chapter.
Please attach your Informational(s)/Rush Week Calendar for approval. This will be the dates that you will host informational(s) and/or recruitment events. This calendar is separate from the new member/intake calendar.
Please attach your intake calendar. This calendar is should show how long your new member/intake process will take.
Please put a tentative day or week you would like one of the OFSL professionals to meet with your candidates.
By signing this box below, you and your organization, agree to adhere to the rules above.
By signing this box, you agree that you have notified your advisor about your recruitment/intake process and they approve what you are submitting to OFSL-CI.